It was a challenging year for our entire nation. The year 2020 brought a number of challenges to Sweeten Home For Children. There was obviously COVID-19 that affected so many across the world. We were quarantined on two separate occasions which required our boys to learn remotely. Of course, many of our boys have learning disabilities and require special education services. We also have a number of boys with emotional disabilities that require special education services. To say the least, remote learning was very difficult for most of our boys and created challenges for our staff.

    In reviewing the yer 2020 Sweeten Home served a total of 35 boys. We had 14 boys that were discharged. Of those discharges 7 returned to parents or family members, 2 aged out of foster care, 1 went to an adoptive placement and 4 required alternative placements.

    Sweeten Home has also developed this new website with the goal being to make people more aware of foster care and the work being done to support kids removed from their homes.